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REEV constitute highly highly qualified professionals with proven technical expertise in various fields ranging from private sector management specialists through public policy and social sector analysts to international developmenmt experts.


At Reev Consult International we build capacities of Youth, Women and Communities to carry out gainful economic activities that can transform their lifes. We also conduct economic affairs extension programs, consumer education aimed at enhancing financial penetration.


We provide capacity building in corporate governance, building accountability systems and designing strategic implementation modelities.


We are the first class consultants on environmental management, we deliver environmental management trainings, workshops, research as well as consultancy services, @ Reev consult International we are driven by hands on service delivery


At Reev Consult Iternational we help you, your company, organisation, country to think a hea., we conduct research, evaluation studies and very many other consultation services that are driven to give you a firm stand in the future on any decision to be taken


For all public involvement projects we garantee maximum participation of the targeted population, we alsway achieve this through our community strategic programes that are positioned to bring all the residents together, Incase its a study our team physically approaches the targed population one on one.

Back Ground

REEV Consult International Ltd is a private firm incorporated in Uganda in 2000. The firm focuses on the provision of Consultancy services in Macro-Economic-Economic Policy analysis, Monetary and Fiscal modeling, Programme Design and Evaluations, Impact Assessments, Designing of Strategic investment Plans, Feasibilty Studies, Institutional Development Services and Financial Management advisory.

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To enhance competitiveness of African Economies. This is to be achieved through bench marking and scaling up tested innovations and best practices in the fields of economic growth, industrial & value addition and Human capital development. Reev Consult focuses n high quality research Analysis and Cutting edge innovations that drive this mission. The firm is endowered with talented personnel in diverse fields.

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Research Projects

Designing the Strategic investment Plan for East African Community (2016/17- 2020/2021. Determining Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI),aimed at measuring the poverty levels of the target beneficiaries (2016). Unpacking the Key Drivers of Inequalities with a view of informing the Policy Discourse to tackle the Extreme Inequalities and Reduce Poverty (2015). FINSCOPE III Survey, Assessment of levels of access and penetration of financial services (2013).

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Specific Activities

Conducting macro economic policy analysis, monetary and fiscal modeling, benchchmark studies, evaluative research and impact assessments. Providing short course training programmes geared towards harnesing economic competitivenes.

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Study center

Reev study center for strategic studies, constitutes highly qualified trainer with proven technical expertise in various fields. The major focuses are: Macro Economic Policy Analysis, Financial analysis, Monetary and Fiscal modeling

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REEV constitute highly highly qualified professionals with proven technical expertise in various fields ranging from financial management specialists, Economists, Social Policy experts and Management Consultants.

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