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REEV Consult background

As Reev consult International we have achieved a lot through our hardwork, networks, research and developmental strategies. REEV Consult International Ltd is a private firm incorporated in Uganda in 2000.
The firm focuses on the provision of Consultancy services in Financial management and Forecasting models, Programme Design and Evaluations, Impact Assessments, Designing of Strategic investment Plans, Institutional Development Services, Macro-policy analysis, Monetary and Fiscal Policy analysis and Management services all aimed at enhansing economic competitiveness.
REEV, is a privately owned consultancy firm was established in responce to the increased role of research as an engine of development and poverty reduction. The current tides of globalisation require not only increased production but also the enhanced of competitiveness in the global economy. REEV has not only realised this but also upholds the need for a sscientific approach in achieving poverty reduction. Most developing countries lack local ca[pacuty especially in the area of reserach, training, policy analysis and project design and management services. REEV emphasises research in the evolution of policy objectives and implementation n of strategies so as to sustain relevance of outcomes.

The firm provides technical services to;

  1. Multi-lateral Institutions
  2. Bi-lateral Organisations
  3. Private Institutions
  4. Public Institutions
  5. Multinal-national Corporations
  6. Civil society Organisations including; NGOS and CBOS

Operational strategy

REEV believes in interdisciplinary approach in solving development problems. The firm collabrates with sister firms, experts and institutions both local and international.

Major Foreign Counterparts

  1. Delta Patnership (UK)
  2. GY Associates(UK)
  3. Internationa development department, University of Birmingham (UK)
  4. Institute of development studies, United kingdom
  5. Maxwell Stamp PLC, (UK)
  6. London School of Economics (UK)