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As Reev consult International we have achieved a lot through our hard-work, networks, research and developmental strategies.
These include;
  • Completed Baseline for water and sanitation coverage for National Water & Sewerage Corporation - NWSC. 2018
  • Completed Assessment of prevalence of substandard goods for Uganda National Bureau Of Standards - UNBS. 2018
  • Completed final evaluation of the United Nations Joint program on gender based violence under UNICEF, UNFPA, UNW & FAO. 2017
  • Completed baseline study of social economic livelihoods for refugees in Uganda under UNHCR. 2017
  • Completed the analysis of drivers of Inequality in Uganda under OXFARM UGANDA 2017
  • Measurement of progress out of poverty index study for local skills development for Youth under SWISS CONTACT 2016
  • Gender main streaming road construction and maintenance under UNRA 2016
  • Main streaming HIV in road construction- Moroto-Nakapiripiriti under UNRA 2016
  • Populating M&E performance enhancement tool for Judiciary 2016
  • Developing the strategic Plan of East African Community 2016/17-2020/21
  • Developing M&E and Performance enharcement tool for the Judiciary 2016
  • Bench marking income and related indicators in World Food Programs P4P areas of operation. 2015
  • Mid term review of National Development Plan(NDP) 2010/11-2014/15
  • Analysis of Drivers of poverty and inquality under Oxfam Uganda 2015
  • Assesment of access to finance (FINSCOPE) 2013
  • Financial Deepening Project on access 2 and utilisation of financial services in Uganda 2013
  • Final Evaluation of the Health Initiatives for the Private Sector (HIPS)2012
  • Presentaion of the presidential paper on achievements of Ugandas independence, Over a journey of 60 years(1962-2012), Kapala-Serena
  • End evaluation of Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSSAF) under Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP), 2012
  • Consultant for CHOGAM on Transformation of Common wealth countries to achieve social ecenomical and political development, Kampala 2007
  • Consultant for NEPAD/ APRM Process
  • National Integrity survey 2008
  • Mid Term evaluation of the Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Project

Also we have done a series of transformational projects in and out of Uganda ( Both National and International), and they are in sectors like;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Health
  3. Welfare
  4. Governance
  5. Finance
  6. Construction
  7. And many others
Click on the link below to view all our achieved previous projects;
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Reev consult International also offers;
  • Baseline studies, evaluative Research and impact assessment
  • Short course training programmes geared towards reinforcing learning with on job application
  • Conducting investment appraisals.
  • Providing management services for effective implementation.
  • Analysis of management information systems.